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The market is located on Vasilievsky Island – in the heart of the city, whose spirit is so tangible here. The place is historical - first mentions of a market date back to 18th century and for many generations of Petersburgians visiting this market became a heartwarming tradition. The legendary market is still a gathering spot for locals and visitors, having combined modern conceptual restaurants and an authentic grocery market.
In the last five years St Petersburg has become a top destination for gastronomic tourism. The geniuses of Petersburg's culinary school are defined by innovative approach, treating creating new dishes as a form of art, and something else – elusive and melancholic, something one can only feel when in St Petersburg.
Vasileostrovsky Market brings together those who created this recognisable gastronomic portrait of the Northern Palmira and residents from Moscow, who have had great success there. Creators of this project did the impossible – resolved the ever lasting feud between the two capitals: 25 restaurant concepts from cities so different in their character, wonderfully compliment each other here

They say to better understand the culture of a country one should visit a local market. Many travellers say that local goods they see at Vasileostrovsky Market give a glimpse into gastronomic secrets of our culture, and the unique atmosphere lets them feel a little bit like a Petersburgian.
We know how you can fall in love and feel the magic of the City of White Nights.
Almost everyone living here has been late for bridges at least once, unintentionally but gladly had to walk up and down the river embankments and come morning would rush to the market to buy freshly baked bread and an aromatic sausage to go with it. So as a visitor you too, should at least once be late for bridges during the white nights and start your day at the Vasileostrovsky Market!

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Bol'shoy Prospekt Vasil'yevskogo
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